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1Blocker is an ad blocker that removes ads.

1Blocker automatically blocks all ads on all sites, including commercials, pop-up ads, text and banner ads.

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Functions 1Blocker


Protects your privacy online.

Blocks annoying

Blocks annoying banners, pop-ups, and accidental clicks on malware.

Blocks commercials

Blocks commercials, video ads, and advertising stories on various sites.

Faster browsing

Faster browsing (since resources are blocked from downloading).

Customize features

Customize features such as whitelisting for your favorite sites.


To install our extension, you can go to the official Google Chrome extension store (webstore) and install 1Blocker:


Unobtrusive ads are not blocked to support websites.

A notification about access to your history and site data is automatically generated, because 1Blocker is launched on each tab. But in fact, it does not track the history of pages visited and does not require your personal information to work properly.


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